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Thank you to Monica Thors Harness Racing Stable animal partners

Gratefulness and thank you to my/our:

Harness racing horses and Thoroughbred:


At this time we have no harness racing horses, no harness racing goats,  nor thoroughbreds.

Only gratefulness for Angler, harness racing goat Billy,  American Rosie Lee and Riley Jayde for their excellent work and dedication in the filming of ‘’I Am, A Harness Racing Horse .‘’

 And with no words for the empty space left from Missy Anne, According To Hoyle, Princess Grey, Carribbean Paradise, Accordingtoprince , Aspiration and Pleasure Me.

Cats: Herika, Mindi, Lucas, Vera, Mrs Grey, Wilhelmina,  Indio, Eric, Matthew, Blackie, Victor, Matilde, Margareta, Goran, Camilla, Jasmine, Mrs D, Monica, Bambi, Esmaralda, Brian, Mamma Mia, George, Mowgli, Bagheera, Molly Thors, Elmer, Cocoa, Dianne, Joella, Willie, Mrs Mmm, Mrs R , Rags, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Silver, Anna Thors, Mrs Crown, Mrs Fortuna, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto Junior, Pluto Senior, Signe, Romeo, Julia, Hoyle, Prince and Melissa. this time we do not have any cats


Special Thank you to who is no longer here :
Hamlet, Alladin, Tarzan, Majlis, Cocoa, Moon, Casper, Grey, Baloo, Signe, Marcelino, Magdalena, Mr Jim, Mega Millions, Leonardo, Ofelia, Maria, Sea Bisquit, Frida and Ake.