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  Welcome to our Web Shop! This shop is all about the love for the horse and how you can have lots of fun with the products for sale here.

Sticker labels
Harness racing labels for your mail, outgoing correspondence, or anything you can think of ››› Go to shop

Photo collection CD Roms
Tons of photos delivered on CD-Roms for various uses such as screensavers, stationary, business cards, web design, collage, print and frame, T-shirts etc etc. ››› Go to shop

Posters for sale
A wonderful 16 x 20" (40 x 50 cm) of photos of various motives
››› Go to shop

"Inside the Heart Of Harness Racing"
The DVD with “Inside the Heart of Harness Racing,” a 23-minute documentary providing insights into several aspects of the Standardbred sport that will air on cable network RFD-TV starting in July. ››› Go to shop

"Real Desire For A Dream"
The DVD with the television documentary about the life of pacer Real Desire. Nominated for the prestigious Le Festival à L’Image du Cheval ››› Go to shop

Photo lessons
Learn how to make your photos look like professional work by taking Monica's classes ››› Go to lessons

My "A Mother's Love" photo sold as stickers or clothes print (T-shirts, bibs, infant creeper, jerseys etc ››› Go to shop

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