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Free, downloadable and fun
Monica Thors photo puzzles!

Try out these great, fun photo puzzles for you computer

(Right mouse click and "save as" to save to your hard computer)
Then unzip/extract the zip files to find the actual file)

Puzzle 1 - Harness racing Foal and mare , by Monica Thors

Puzzle 2 - Valley Victory, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 3 - Niatross, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 4 - Harness racing horse in Paddock, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 5 - Harness racing foal in Sweden, by Gunilla Konig

Puzzle 6 - Continental Victory, Showplace Farms NJ , by Monica Thors

Puzzle 7 - Harness racing foal and Mare @ Peretti Farms, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 8 - Frosty nose in winter , by Gunilla Konig

Puzzle 9 - Real Desire @ Red Mile ,by Monica Thors

Puzzle 10 - Youngsters at play at Standardbred breeding farm, Cool Creek, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 11 - Eye of the wise , by Gunilla Konig

Puzzle 12 - Winter training of Harness racing horses in Sweden,  by Gunilla Konig

Puzzle 13 - Kramer Boy @ Sunshine Meadows, Fla, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 14 - Foal , by Gunilla Konig

Puzzle 15 - Painting by Gunilla Konig, Standardbred yearlings at play.   

Puzzle 16 - Foal and mare  @ Peretti Farms, by Monica Thors

Puzzle 17 - Silhoutte of , lady and Standardbred yearling

Puzzle 18 - Standardbred yearlings running in field, by Gunilla Konig

Puzzle 19 - Standardbred foal , by Monica Thors

Puzzle 20 - Bowling For Dollars , by Monica Thors

Download files are .zip files that needs to be extracted in i.e. WinZip or similar program after download.