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Horses have been part of my life ever since I was seven and proudly announced to my parents ''I LOVE Horses''. It continued throughout my life as I learned to ride, compete in show jumping with my own two ponies, train my family's harness racing horse for the races, work for a harness racing stable in Sweden, drive races as a groom in Sweden, being part of running a large harness racing horse stable in USA, becoming a photographer who was lucky enough to photograph some of the best harness racing horses in the world for over 22 years, produce harness racing horses yearling and stallion promotions for over 10 years, drive amateur harness racing horses races for 14 years, drive women’s harness racing horses events , winning ‘’Ladies International Trot at The Meadowlands ‘’, driving in professional harness racing horse races, becoming a TV producer of two TV shows about harness racing that aired on National TV , in 2005 ''A Real Desire For A Dream'', in 2006 ''Inside The Heart of Harness racing '' and now in 2010-2012, producer of a brand new TV harness racing / film documentary show "I Am, A Harness racing horse''. I have also trained, raced and owned my own harness racing horses for many years. Today we have nine harness racing horses ,one thoroughbred racing horse ,one harness racing goat Billy, 50 rescue inside living cats, one dog Moon , and we work with them every day. They are my passion and love. I am eternally grateful for the way they teach me how they communicate and how they are supporting me in every day life. Please enjoy exploring the site and we would love to hear your feedback on our products and site so that we can continue to expand and grow.


Monica Thors