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Thank you to Finn Tack for part sponsor of Harness racing equipment, blankets,
bandages, cottons and  clothing


’Thank you to Deluxe for part sponsor of Fleece sweaters , used for all clothing in Monica Thors Harness Racing Stables


Congratulations to the Harness racing  documentary / film ‘’I Am, A Harness Racing Horse ‘’ for it’s first published article . ‘’ Together we can do it’’  Thank you to Christian Harness Horseman ‘s Association. Click here to see article.



NEW Production By Monica Thors 2012
Harness racing TV Documentary / film
"I Am, A Harness Racing Horse"


A short film ‘’ I Am, A Harness Racing horse’’ Christmas gram.
To let the echo of Harness Racing Horses Christmas spirits flow through your websites.  Please click on picture below.

Welcome to

  • Harness Racing Television Documentary/ film
  • Producer: Monica Thors
  • In final stages of production
  • Three years of filming
  • 600 hours of editing
  • Passion and determination for the rebuilding of the sport of Harness Racing
  • Respect and compassion for the versatile Harness Racing Horse
  • The Understanding of the new thinking of marketing of Harness Racing and Harness Racing horses
  • The commitment to educate United States of America and its people about the Harness Racing Horse and the sport of Harness Racing
  • The majestic history of the harness racing horse and the sport of harness racing
  • The need for the community of Harness racing to allow deeper thinking and focus
  • A new vision of the sport of Harness racing

Meet ''I Am, A Harness Racing Horse''

Copyright Monica Thors 2012

Best regards,

Thank you to The Meadowlands Meadowlands and The Hambletonian Society for a great The Hambletonian 2012.

Thank you to The Hambletonian Society for a well planned day for media.

Thank you to Harness racing for a very special day . A day like this year's Hambletonian day is hard to find in any other sporting event.

Extra Thank you to the Harness racing horses, for their competitive spirits and will to win, that makes the sport of harness racing so exciting and wonderful.

And Thank you to The Meadowlands grandstand, carrying the history and the face of a great sport to new beginnings.

Thank you to Finn Tack, our sponsor of harness racing equipment. 

And Thank you, From the entire film team of '' I Am, A Harness Racing Horse''. From left: Paul Carmine, Nick Greenfield, Monica Thors - producer, Jim Salter, Ignazio Guzman, David Newton Dunn and Donna Hazar

And Thank you to Lisa photo for taking the photo.

Monica Thors

From left:
David Newton Dunn: Camera man, editor, co-host:
Jim Salter: Script writer, Production coordinator. Monica Thors: Executive producer, producer, scriptwriter, camera man, co–host. Paul Carmine: Camera man, co-host:


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