Terms and conditions

You may use these images as follows: greeting cards, tee shirts and other clothing , postcards, posters, business cards, CD covers, cassette covers, calendars, newsletters, flyers, reports, book covers, screen savers, electronic greeting cards, address labels, websites, photographs printed from the cd’s as gifts to your friends framed or unframed.

As long as these photos are used for personal use, you are free to make your own creations.

You may not sell, rent, lease, redistribute or grant any rights to use the image files.

You may not claim copyright on any works derived from the original files.

You may not distribute the image files without first obtaining written permission from Monica Thors LLC.

You may not reproduce the image files on or part of product that is intended for resale.

Images from these CD’s may not be used for, or in conjunction, with projects that could be of harmful nature.

You may not use these images for any newspapers, magazines, publications or advertising unless it is personal, like birthday or party invitation.

You may not use these images for any commercial products.

No model releases exists for these CD‘s.

Acknowledgment of Monica Thors LLC as the source for the image files is very much appreciated and can be done so conveniently with a link back to our website.

Monica Thors LLC warrants to you that the CD’s on which the images are recorded will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety ( 90 ) days from your date of receipt.

If such a defect occurs, return it to us where it will be replaced at no cost.

You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understand that it is a complete statement of your agreement with Monica Thors LLC.

You acknowledge this agreement as Monica Thors LLC receives the payment for the products and that your payment will act as your signature.

We appreciate your purchase and we hope that you will have lots and lots of fun with the photos.

With gratitude and pleasure,

Monica Thors